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    Limit States Design in Structural Steel

    Limit States Design in Structural Steel


    9th Edition, 2nd Printing
    G.L. Kulak and G.Y. Grondin

    The Ninth Edition reflects changes in CSA Standard S16-09, "Design of Steel Structures", regarding bolted and welded connections, laterally unsupported beams, block shear and composite beams.

    This book serves as a comprehensive teaching text for universities and technical colleges, and also as a valuable reference document for practicing engineers. It offers an explanation of the philosophy and practical application of limit states design procedures and provides comments on design requirements contained in S16-09. Divided into 11 chapters, the book covers tension members, flexural members, columns, beam-columns, stability, fatigue behaviour, connections, plate girders, composite construction, and types and grades of structural steel.

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    For users of the First Printing, download the revisions incorporated into the Second Printing.

    403 Pages

    ISBN 978-088811-157-9